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The people in the rural areas of Ghana often do not have immediate access to specialist medical care. In fact, in very deprived areas, general medical professionals are also hard to reach when people are ill. That is why Hope Christian Hospital exists, to make sure that, beyond taking care of the medical needs of the children and staff of Village of Hope, medical services are also immediately available to the people in the communities that surround us. Hope Christian Hospital also reaches out to the villages in many different ways including partnering with medical mission groups periodically to provide free general and specialist consultation, treatment and medicines to those who have the need.

Every year since 2004, in March, the Farragut church of Christ in Knoxville, Tennessee, sends a group of medical professionals and support staff with medicines and other equipment, to come and join the staff of the hospital to serve the people in a particular area. This March, the team spent the first day serving at Ayawaso, where Hope Training Institute (our trade school) is located. After waking up early to leave the Fetteh campus at 6 AM to get to Ayawaso on time, you can imagine the team’s disappointment when they found only a handful of people waiting to be treated. Little did they know that at the end of that day, they would have taken care of 367 people! They came back home to the Fetteh campus exhausted but fulfilled.

The remaining three days were spent serving the people of Fetteh: 182 people were seen on that first day at Fetteh; 231 on the second day; and 257 on the third and final day. Therefore, after four days of consultations, extractions, glaucoma tests, prescriptions, etc., 1,037 patients had been served by the team. We are certain that a few other people were taken care of who did not make a stop at the registration desk.

It was a short but very successful week where the love of God was demonstrated to those in need of care and we are grateful to the Farragut Spring Mission team for making it possible.

Hope Christian Hospital
hchThe vision of Hope Christian Hospital is to become the leading quality healthcare provider in the community, offering affordable, accessible, reliable and efficient health services while demonstrating the love of Christ to all. The facility, therefore, currently offers a range of services in medicine, surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology/optometry, emergency care, women’s and children’s health. The hospital also includes an after-hours care program at night and on weekends for patients.

The hospital serves patients in the Village of Hope community, Fetteh, and in the surrounding communities in the Gomoa-East District of the Central Region, providing excellent clinical and compassionate in-patient and out-patient care.

With the contributions of donors and medical staff from the churches of Christ at Farragut (Knoxville, Tennessee) and White Station (Memphis, Tennessee), Hope Community Hospital is able to provide free medical, dental and optometric care, at least twice a year, for thousands of under-privileged people in the communities that surround the Village of Hope, bringing them closer to the love of Christ in the process.

We invite you to share in our aspirations as we strive to achieve our aim of healing for eternity

Medical Missions
Opportunities exist for a partnership with Hope Christian Hospital to help the poor and the sick in the communities surrounding the Village of Hope. Many teams have visited in the past to send care to the doorsteps of the poor. Please get in touch with us ( if you are interested or have a question about medical missions.