Education @ Hope Training Institute
HTIHope Training Institute was established in March 2005 to provide employable vocational skills for street children. The Institute so far, has provided livelihood for more than 150 people since it’s establishment. This program has evolved since its beginning in 1999. Initially, the goal was to provide a meal a week to 40 street children. Soon the number of meals and the number of beneficiaries multiplied and meals were provided four times a week to over 80 street children – both boys and girls.

In recent times, the street program officers have taken the boys’ meetings right to their “doorsteps”, gathering them together at night at the Okaishie market where most of them sleep. The girls meet at a town called Katapor. At all these meetings, the children receive free meals, Bible lessons and counseling on health, career and general life issues. They are also given clothing and medical care.

Those who are responsive to the counseling and show a serious desire to improve their lot are assisted to move off the streets by being given vocational training according to their choices and abilities.

After sending many street children to receive training at various vocational centers and workshops, the Village of Hope started its own Vocational Training Center at the Ayawaso campus in March 2005. Initially, the center only trained boys because there was limited housing available. Today, the center houses and trains both boys and girls for nine to eighteen months. In October 2012, the seventh batch of trainees graduated from the center with tools, equipment and start-up capital to go out and make a living as tailors and dressmakers; auto mechanics; kente weavers; soap makers; producers of batik, tie-dye and screen-printed fabrics, bags and footwear.