Education @ Hope Christian Academy
hcaWhen the Hope Christian Academy preschool was started in 2002, the older children of Village of Hope attended a public school in the town of Fetteh. During the rainy season, school always had to close as soon as clouds gathered because the school classrooms had no roofs.

As our children endured these unsuitable conditions, the ground floor of a three-storey Primary and Junior High School building was completed in October 2003 and a six-classroom plus office Nursery building was completed in December 2004. The entire Primary and Junior High School building (18 classrooms, 6 offices, 2 conference rooms, a computer lab and a library) was completed an inaugurated in January 2008. All the children in the orphanage who are in Nursery, Primary and Junior High schools now receive their education at Hope Christian Academy on the Fetteh campus.