Education @ Church of Christ School
In September 2008, when Village of Hope took over the running of Church of Christ
School at Nkwatia, we inherited a seven-classroom building and a school whose
highest class was Primary Five. It was a young school in comparison with Hope
Christian Academy in Fetteh and we had great plans to make it an icon on the
highlands of Ghana. We, therefore, knew that it would be necessary to add a junior
high department in order not to lose students to other schools.
Today, through the generosity of many people, the school has a four-classroom block
in addition to the building that we inherited. There are 322 children enrolled at Church
of Christ School with 22 teachers and 6 support staff. The Church of Christ at Nkwatia
is closely involved in the school’s activities and the minister from the church teaches
Bible in the classrooms, making sure that the staff and the teachers receive spiritual
food in addition to academic skills.
For the first time, in June 2013, the first group of children will write the Basic
Education Certificate Examination and it is our hope that, like those who have passed
through Hope Christian Academy, they will pass with highest grades to the glory of
God, and make it to high schools including Hope College.