Childcare @ Hope Children's Village
New Life for New Children
boy1Having to say “no” to a child in genuine need is the most difficult and heartrending decision faced by the members of the committee that decides which children get admitted to the Village of Hope.  When there are no vacancies, applications are filed.  Then, when vacancies are available in the children’s home, a thorough investigation of each case is done by our social workers. We now have 40 new children whose nutritional, educational, spiritual, physiological needs are our responsibility. For $100 a month, you can sponsor a child and make a long lasting difference in the life of someone special.
Hope Children's Village at a Glance
logoThis child care ministry of Village of Hope takes care of orphaned, needy and destitute children with different backgrounds and from every region of Ghana. Most of these children live in nine families on the Fetteh campus. A few others live with relatives in their own communities while the Village of Hope provides for their education. A special group – children on the streets of Accra – are fed, counseled and encouraged to learn a trade at our Vocational Training Center.
Distribution of Children
How the children of Village of Hope are distributed
How the residential children of Village of Hope are distributed in the homes.