About Village of Hope
After 18 years of existence, the Village of Hope is giving hope to over 1000 children in all the activities we are engaged in. There are:

10 residential children’s homes where the physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual needs of 168 children are being provided everyday.

A hospital that serves the children and the people from over 14 communities.
2 basic (elementary) schools that provide quality Christian education to over 1000 children.
A (senior) high school educating students on the pillars of character, scholarship, service and leadership.
A vocational training institute providing skills to former street children.
A 50-acre farm where few crops are grown to supplement the food needs of the children’s homes.

Each of these ministries is designed to take care of the needs of a particular group of people. God is being praised and glorified in all things.

Brief History
It is the year 1989 and Jerry Reynolds, Emmanuel Asante and Christian Nsoah have purchased a 17-acre parcel of land at Ayawaso in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Their dream is to establish an orphanage. Three months after the land is purchased, the idea of the Village of Hope is already at the center of a court battle between three families claiming ownership of the land. Is the dream already about to be shattered?

Fast-forward to 1996 and, through God’s amazing providence, eight children and their house parents, Roland and Gladys Bulley, have a home at Ayawaso. However, by August 1998, the house accommodating the growing family is bursting at its seams and yet, a court injunction prevents further construction from happening. Again, God provides an answer with 25 acres of land in Fetteh in the Central Region. Two years and nine months later, three new homes are ready to house orphaned and destitute children.

This is how the Village of Hope story began and, right from the beginning, God’s love was never far away from his children.

With four houses (one at Ayawaso and three at Fetteh) filled with children, the focus of the second half of 2001 to the end of 2003 was on improving the quality of care that these children received. For this reason, a school project and a clinic project were both vigorously pursued. On October 1, 2002, Hope…

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Our Mission
Village of Hope exists to nurture needy children in a holistic manner, to provide excellent secondary-level health care services, and to educate students to excel in character, scholarship, service and leadership to transform the world.
Our Values
Village of Hope seeks to glorify God by serving humanity through excellent Christ-centered nurturing, care and education. To this end, our core values are selflessness, integrity, compassion and loyalty.
Our Vision
The vision of Village of Hope is to become the leading childcare institution in the world, providing specialist health care services and educating students from pre-primary to university, and up to the doctoral level.
Management Team

Meet the people on the front lines and behind the scenes that are making things happen on a daily basis, changing lives, preaching Jesus, and giving of themselves fully to this work.